Sophia von Trapp

All cats are special but Sophia is more special than others. She belonged to a special man. I first met her when her owner brought her to be mated to our Positively Cloten (von Cloten as he insisted on calling him).  Sophia hadn’t seen a cat since she left her breeder and she was so happy to see Cloten that she forgot she was in heat! She invited him to play, jumped over him, patted his big head, it was so lovely. Of course after a day or so they made love as well and she had a fine litter of three big boys. I was there for their birth as Sophia had a special spot in my heart now. A cat that loves Cloten is a cat that I love in return.

When her owner had to go abroad for at least five years he left Sophia with me. We had kittens at that time and that is not a good moment to introduce a strange adult cat, so at first she lived with Cloten and made him happy. When the babies had left I gradually introduced her into my group of cats and she fitted in quickly.

In January 2013 she had four lovely babies sired by Cloten, I wanted to keep a girl as I suspected it might be my last chance to breed a Cloten daughter. Alas, it wasn’t to be. I had to feed the kittens the first 18 hours as their parents’ blood type was incompatible.  Due to the horrible mistake of a quack company selling crappy colostrum, all kittens died after drinking this stuff.

I have never seen a sadder sight then Sophia holding a wake for her last baby. She sat with it for two hours and then she walked away…..

She had her last litter in 2016. It was a difficult birth so we decided to retire her.

In January 2023, she was twelve, she stopped eating. Aided by our vet we managed for another fortnight but then it was inevitable. We hope she is now with her friend Cloten.


About me

Colour: Cream
Date of birth: Dec 6th 2010
Blood type: B

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