Yeux de Noisette by Caterwaul

Bubbles was a granddaughter to Eur. Pr. Caterwaul’s Dom Perignon and Cattractive King Lear – so she combined the best of both worlds. Like Dom Perignon she had a bubbly nature which is why her nickname was Bubbles. When Dom P. died in 2010 she was the only lilac cat in our household. She was mated in 2006 to our young stud Brains and gave birth to two healthy kittens. In 2008 she had three kittens by Columbus. In May 2010 she had five kittens by Positively Poppycock. When she was retired she enjoyed the kittens of our other females. She brought them prey (socks) and tried to lure them towards her. When she was fourteen years old, she got very thin. She ate a lot but her body could no longer process it. In the end we decided it was kindest to let her go.


About me

Sire: .Ch. Caterwaul’s Touchstone
Dam: Domenica van de Olyhorst

Colour: Lilac
Born : July 10th 2004 – 2018
Bloodtype B

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