Caterwaul’s Mono Magnificat

Caterwaul’s Mono Magnificat 1998-2014

Mono was an only child and I hand-raised her from day one so she became very tuned in to me. I was a bit worried that she might be too dependent on me but when she and Dom Perignon had their first litter, her instinct took over and she was a MOTHER. She raised 26 babies and if anyone deserved to rest on one’s laurels it was our Mono.

At the age of fifteen she started to suffer from dementia. She became deaf and cried during the night. No longer did she come upstairs to sleep with us or go outside. She chose the kitchen counter as her habitat and in her last few months she lost all sense of decorum and used the kitchen sink as her litter tray. On September 4th 2014, when she was 16,5 years old, Mono’s life ended. We remember her with love, she was a fine cat, our Touchstone’s mother.


About Me

Sire: Ch. Blueprint’s Echelon
Dam: Annabel van de Ommerweg

Colour: Blue
February 14th 1998

September 4th 2014

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