James Blunt

The cat that came in from the cellar

James’ parents were born in the UK, so he is a genuine Englishman in the Netherlands. His father is our Gr. Int. Ch. Positively Cloten who was screened HCM-negative when he was already 10 years old. See his father here

James spent the first three years of his life in a neighbouring country, in conditions which he likes to forget. When he was auctioned on facebook in May 2014 I paid the asking price without hesitation and went to rescue him. No son of our Cloten should be sold as a second-hand object.

“We promised him a sabbatical for as long as he liked. He loves being outdoors – having never seen daylight it was a huge step for him when he caught his first mouse. He didn’t know how to kill it at first so the scurrying mice in his room gave me a fright several times. But now he presents them as dead bodies. ”

During that first summer here, he was outside most of the time, sometimes in such a deep sleep that he didn’t hear me approach. Now that is relaxation for you! From a thin creature weighing 3,5 kilo with a prominent spine he turned into a muscular, massive cat. He soon weighed over six kilos but when his body got used to good and plenty food his weight settled at 5,5 kilo, without an ounce of fat.

He has completely recovered from his traumatic experience. His former owner described him as “Always terrified, with his tail between his legs and hating shows”. No one who knows James now would recognize him from that description. James is talkative, invites strange human beings to pet him, isn’t afraid of anything and got a Best of Breed cup at a Neocat show in March 2015. He loved the attention he received at the show.

Though he was used as a stud while living abroad, he had never been screened for HCM and PKD (some people think they can get away with anything) so we took him to a specialist in November 2015, when he was four and a half years old. He is fine.

James is so handsome but his blood type A isn’t popular. We didn’t think it fair to keep him as a stud for three matings a year only so he now enjoys life as a neuter.


About me:

Vader: GIC Positively Cloten
Moeder: Kolinga Narcissus

Kleur: Cream
Geboren : July 31 2011
Bloodtype A

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