The Cottage

Visiting females are received in this cottage. It has an area of 4 x 7 m. Should the female be shy at first, she can stay in a separate room where she can smell and see the stud. As soon as she is at ease, the two can meet. There are several wooden crates in the room, with terracotta heating pads. This way the female always has a safe place to go to. A cat needs to feel safe in order to relax and to welcome the stud when she is ready.

The back wall consists of windows through which the cats can watch deer that come out of the wood in the evening to graze in the field behind the cottage. There are chairs in the room so that I can sit with the cats and watch them making out.


The quarantine room

We also have a separate quarantine room in a different building, with its own outside run. When a cat isn’t well it can stay there. Fortunately we haven’t yet needed it. James is using it now