Cattractive Common Sense

We lovingly called him Brains: as our cream stud Positively Cloten has the Balls, we hoped Common Sense would supply the brains! He was imported from England in September 2005.

He was a very quiet and gentle fellow. He functioned by means of remote control: he rolled onto his back when you spoke to him in a special tone of voice. What I liked very much about him was that he didn’t bully our golden oldies, even though he was a young and strong stud and sometimes full of himself.

He loved water. He used to drop acorns in puddles and move them about with his paw. Clever Brains also seemed to know that I don’t have a good head for heights: when he was on the roof terrace and I wanted him inside, he sat on the edge, being certain that I wouldn’t follow him there.

His HCM-screening on June 6th 2006 was OK, he was PKD-tested by DNA, this was clear as well. Both his parents were HCM-screened in England and they are fine too.

In April 2007 Brains seemed to have caught pneumonia. We took him to the very best consultant. His thorax was X-rayed, a scan of his belly was made and blood and urine samples were taken. It turned out that Brains was developing peritonitis……There is no cure against it for cats. He had to be euthanized and I suppose we should be grateful that we found out so early and could save him from further suffering. But my heart is as heavy as the leaden apron I had to wear when I held him for the X-rays.

Right now I’m simply devastated that such a young life was wasted. He was meant to be the future: now he already belongs to the past.

The other cats that are portrayed on this “Memory” page lived their life to the full. They had babies, were neutered, grew old and died peacefully, the way it should be. I could accept their deaths, I knew it had to happen sometime. But with Brains it was so different, I was the one who had to make the decision between life and death. I had to do so once before, ten years ago, when we had to put down our young Arab horse that had been fighting against cancer for two years. It still feels as awful as then. As Buddhists say when someone young dies: he is an old soul, he can leave the earth sooner as he is wise already. But this was not what I had in mind when I chose his name Common Sense!

Brains was buried next to the horse’s stable, between Fat Mouse and French Fries. They were no longer alive when
Brains became part of our family but I’m sure they will watch over him and show him the cat flap in the heavenly gate. Brains was so intelligent its use will be no problem for him. Dear Brains, because of you many tears are being shed in the Netherlands and overseas.


About me

Sire: Cheltiki Chadney
Dam: Typically Treasure Trove

Colour: Blue
June 26th 2005

April 16th 2007

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