EC Holly Hobby

Hobbeltje as I called her was the most beautiful female I have ever owned. In 1999 she was the seventh best adult cat in the Netherlands (all breeds). She had 2 litters only and as she needed a caesarian for both we didn’t want to take anymore risks.

She pretended to hate kittens but couldn’t stop herself bringing them socks as a prey. She also felt neglected every time there were kittens in the house and made me feel this by waking me up at 2 a.m. and demanding a cuddle –NOW. I tried to give her quality time before we went to bed but that was no good: it had to be at 2 in the night. Of course, after a week or so she had me trained well and I woke up by myself. That spoiled her fun and then she didn’t do it anymore – until there were kittens again.

She liked her food but hated raw lamb’s heart. When I started to chop it up she would go and sit at the door with her back towards me, now and then glaring over her shoulder: “You don’t expect me to eat that do you?” Of course she always got something else and I suspect she didn’t really hate it at all, just used it to get special attention. She kept this up to the day before she died.

On January 22nd 2006 I found her – in style – next to the fridge with her son Dom Perignon washing her face. But even he couldn’t wake her up again.I’m happy to have her two children Dom Perignon and Cobweb, but wish she was still with us, we miss her.


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February 15th 1997

January 22nd 2006