IC Cattractive Columbus

A Dieu Int. Ch. Cattractive Columbus
April 3rd 2000 Cheltenham (UK) – June 4th 2014 Okkenbroek (NL)
Ten days ago I didn’t think I would have to write this so soon. Columbus (lovingly called Lumbus) was shouting his head off at visitors, demanding and getting his share of attention.
But then he started to shed a lot of hair and his behaviour changed. No longer king of the castle on his watchtower, but hiding and looking at me with dull and searching eyes, meowing without a sound. The vet found the problem, his bladder was full and he could no longer pee freely. We did what we could but Columbus soon got plugged up again and was so miserable.
Twelve years ago my father was dying of horrible Kahler’s Disease. In the morning of this very day exactly twelve years ago he wanted my mum and me to sit at his bedside as he believed he would be able to go then. Alas, Mother Nature was cruel and let him struggle on for a few more days.
Today I gave Mother Nature a push and we let Columbus leave early in the morning. This big boy with his healthy heart didn’t deserve to suffer. Columbus will be buried next to his ‘best enemy’ Cloten, who died a year ago.
Bon voyage Columbus, from England you went overseas, had a long and loving stay in the Netherlands – maybe America will be your next stop?
Cattractive Columbus was tested regularly for HCM and was still negative for HCM at the age of 10. According to the cardiologist this is conclusive, especially as there have never been doubts about the sound condition of his heart. This is the result of screening when he was 10 years old.
The dates of these tests and the contents of the screenings have all been checked and found in order by Neocat registrar Mrs. den Hollander. After checking this list of screenings has been validated.
This is what Sue Tiedeman, the English breeder of Int.Ch.Cattractive Columbus wrote shortly after his death:
In 2000 I received a telephone call from a Dutch lady who asked for two of my British Shorthair kittens. This caused me great consternation as I had never before exported a kitten and I really didn’t want to do it! I thought that if I insisted that she visit me, then it would put her off! Ha! How I underestimated my friend Fenny Rensen’s determination to breed the very best, healthiest and happiest British Shorthair cats that she could! And so began a friendship that I consider myself very fortunate to have. Fenny did visit with Renate Leijen, who also became a good friend and who took this beautiful photograph. They returned to the Netherlands with Cattractive Columbus and Cattractive King Lear. “Lumbus” and “THE King” had the very best of lives and although I am so very sad today, I am also very grateful to my boys for sending me such good friends. Rest in peace INT CH Cattractive Columbus. Go and play with your brother GRCH Cattractive Magnificus and THE King….and thank you xxx

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Sire: Grand Champion Positively
Mab Glyndwr (blue)
Dam: Adinnsh Hollie Mallow (blue)

Colour: Blue
Bloodtype B

April 3rd 2000

June 4th 2014

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