Skellum Stantheman


Stanley was a lovely blue boy, compact with an excellent eye colour. He was a non-longhair carrier which was obvious because of his very short coat.
He loved to sit outside, watching our pony and boasting about his ladyloves to our moggie Moshe.

After his neutering he quickly became part of our group of cats in the livingroom. His modest character was recognized by them, none of them felt threatened. As a neuter he loved his food better. He used to be picky: now he was first in line when I started filling the bowls. That’s why I knew something was wrong when he refused breakfast.

Much sooner than we would have wanted we had to say goodbye to him. He was 12,5 years old then. We’d wanted him to enjoy his retirement much longer. Dear Stanley, we thought the best was yet to come…


About Me

Sire: Skellum Elmo
Dam: Skellum Rosydaydream

Colour: Blue
Born : March 27th 2011
Bloodtype B

Non-longhair carrier

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