Ch. BeBe’s Babyface

She was a daughter of Grand International Champion Positively Cloten and her mother was a uterine sister to the legendary – late – European Champion Blueprint’s Boeddha, so with such parentage it is easy to see where she got her looks from. As she knew she was stunning she could be quite arrogant, but we forgave her.

She was neutered in 2011 and almost lost her life when she started to bleed internally. Each day I was grateful that she was with us still though she could be a pain in the a.. too: scrubbing my face at 5 a.m. or snuggling up to any visitor asking to be petted – pretending we never did. She still looked lovely, as a nine-year old she was best cream at a club show.
At the age of 15 she developed breast cancer. When didn’t want her to suffer so when she became uncomfortable we had to say goodbye on March 30th 2020.


About Me

Sire: GIC Positively Cloten
Dam: Blueprint’s Amazing Grace

Colour: Cream
Born : November 6th 2004 -2020
Bloodtype: A

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