Positively Banksy

Banksy was named after the anonymous Bristol-based graffiti artist Banksy. Unlike his namesake our Banksy has a very open character, he is easy-going and his sparkling dark orange (hazelnut) eyes can’t hide the mischief he is planning.
He is a cool cat. When we fetched him part of Bristol Airport was under construction and the noise was awful. Banksy wasn’t impressed at all and boarded the plane as if he was used to daily shuttling between Bristol and Amsterdam.
He is growing into a very big boy, his body isn’t finished yet but given time he will be a strong, harmonious man.

At his first show (Neocat-Olst) he became best blue kitten.

At his seond show he was nominated for Best In Show adult male, at his third show he was once again nominated for BIS adult male and then he was also Best Blue British Shorthair.

At his fourth show (Neocat) he got his third CAC, he was best blue male
and Best In Show. Banksy is now a Champion.

He is almost two years old now and was screened negative for HCM and PKD by drs. Rob Gerritsen, Specialist VIM of the KNMvD (Royal Dutch Society of Veterinarians), De Kompaan, Ommen, NL. Member of the Collegium Cardiologicum 

Find the kitten!

Baby Banksy looking for shadow

Baby Banksy resting

About me

Sire: Olympic Grand Champion Steelaway
Dam: Skellum Stellar Dawn (blue)

Date of birth: 22-06-2016

Colour blue

Blood type B

At stud by invitation only

Banksy's dad Steelaway Mr. Brightside

Banksy, juni 2018, foto M. Schrier